Marine Ship Service Ltd.


    Company "Marine Ship Service Ltd" was established at 1994 in Novorossiysk, south of Russia – itself a shipping hub, and home to one of the largest port of commercial fleets in the world.

    Since 1994 till 1997 the company have been specializing her activity as Crewing Agency under brand "Novohim" supplying ship’s crew for tankers, mostly for Greek companies.

    From December, 1998 until 2008 the company have been continuing its activity under re-branded name "Continent Ltd". In 2008 the company was splitted on two different entities, where the "Marine Ship Service Ltd." was one of them and from that time have been providing the following services.



    Marine Ship Service is able to offer the highest level of service in any task regardless of size, complexity, time frame with a main goal to offer a level of service and commitment to their clients, without compromises. Company is specialized entity, whose business with subcontracted companies dealt with the supplying of the following services:

  • Supply of Riding squads worldwide to ships.


Our pool of qualified, skilled and experienced riding squads are sourced mostly from the ex-seamen and ex-shipyards employees. All staff are holders of a seamen’s documents.


Our teams of qualified staff include:

  • Welders and Coded fitter welders.
  • Fabricators and pipe fitters.
  • Mechanical fitters and turners.
  • Tank and general cleaners.
  • Painters: airless spay and brush - for treatment and painting of hull, decks, accommodations, enclosed spaces and etc.
  • Motormen.

Company and its subcontractors dealt with the supplying of the following services available at the Black sea ports of Russia:

  • Maintenance and repair of engines: Wartsila, MAN, Caterpillar, Cummis, Siemens and other engine makers by fully trained and certified service engineers and mechanics, ex-employees of these major Engine’s builders.
  • Service/Repair of HP fuel pumps.
  • Service /Repair of pumps of different ship’s systems.
  • Electrical jobs.
  • Automation jobs.
  • Service and repair of AC units and refrigerators.
  • Carpenter works.
  • Steel & welding, including Arc, works.
  • Hull and Piping works.
  • Certified Laboratory tests: analysis of Fuels, Lubes, Water (cooling, boilers, engines), Foam of fire-fighting system, Noise level, Engine exhaust gas pollutant emissions, Oily water content.
  • NDT tests.
  • Test & Calibration of measuring devices.
  • Service/Repair of Engine governors.
  • Fabrication of different type & size hoses and O-rings.
  • Repair of Fire and other systems Alarms.